Litigation Support


Put the Courtroom Skill and Litigation Experience of Dennis Kearns to Work for You!



Few individuals have experienced the rigors of litigation like Dennis Kearns has. Having gained the national spotlight for his family’s tenacious decades-long litigation against Ford Motor Company, Dennis Kearns  literally “grew up” in the Courtroom.

The major motion picture “Flash of Genius” chronicles the Kearns family’s successful jury trial against the Ford Motor company that eventually resulted in a $10 million dollar judgment in favor of the Kearns.

Subsequent to that courtroom success, the Kearns family  was also awarded an $18 million dollar settlement against the Chrysler Corporation.

During these decades of courtroom experience Dennis honed his litigation acumen, becoming intimately familiar with the legal tools, skills, and techniques that contribute to a successfully implemented trial strategy.

Dennis Kearns now puts more than 25 years of courtroom experience to work for his clients, with complete trial support solutions that include:

  • Research
  • Courtroom Graphics & Media
  • Document Management
  • Video Services
  • Jury Selection  Consultation
  • Expert Witness Location  . . . and more.

Wherever your trial is located, Dennis can assemble a team of trained professionals to meet your litigation support needs: technicians, designers, videographers, digital editors, researchers, expert witnesses and any other professionals you may need.

Don’t trust the outcome of your important legal matter to chance. Put the courtroom skill and experience of Dennis Kearns to work for you.