Business Networking and Development


Dennis Kearns helps you get connected with prospects and people who can influence members of your target market.




In his 25 years in the national spotlight, Dennis has established relationships with hundreds of local, state and national groups that can help you connect with others to grow your network and increase your brand’s visibility, including:

  • National Networking Groups
  • Regional Networking Groups
  • Professional & Trade Associations
  • Minority Networking
  • Alumni Networking
  • Internet Database Networking
  • Legal, Political and Government Contacts
  • Movie Industry Relationships
  • Radio, Television & Print Media Connections

Dennis’ Kearns extensive knowledge of networking groups and opportunities will assist you in building your list of contacts, expanding your relationships and improving your brand’s visibility. Through strategic networking, Dennis will help you increase profits by enlarging your market.

Dennis Kearns has the skill and experience to help you identify the groups, companies, business leaders and individuals that will help you take your business to the next level.

Let Dennis Kearns help you discover the most innovative, efficient and cost effective ways to build your brand and increase your profits through effective networking strategies.