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If you have a great idea, don’t wait for someone else to claim it first!  Let Dennis Kearns help you get your invention to market today.



Patent Searches

Conducting a patent search is your first step before investing a lot of time and money in the patent process. Not only will you know if there are any similar existing patents, you’ll be able to use the results to better define your invention.

Dennis can get you through the patent search process rapidly and affordably.

Provisional Patents

The review process for a utility patent typically takes 1-3 years. But to help inventors secure protection for their ideas sooner, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office offers a faster, more affordable option called a Provisional Application for Utility Patent.

A Provisional Application grants you an immediate priority filing date. Once received, you are legally allowed to label your invention “patent pending.” More importantly, you can later file a Non-Provisional Utility Patent Application that claims your original priority filing date.

Filing a Provisional Application for Patent is the fastest, easiest and most inexpensive way to start protecting your invention.  Let Dennis help you get started today.

Utility Patents

When inventors talk about filing a patent, they’re usually referring to a utility patent. Utility patents cover the most common types of inventions: products producing some sort of function or result. Utility patents give the owner exclusive rights to use, manufacture and sell the product for twenty years.

Dennis Kearns can help you apply for your utility patent – quickly and affordably.

Design Patents

Design patents protect the unique appearance (but not the function) of manufactured items – such as furniture, containers and clothing. Dennis Kearns can help you rapidly and cost effectively apply for your design patent.

Patent Drawings & Designs

High-quality, technical illustrations are required to be submitted with your patent application, in order for the U.S. Patent Office to understand and approve your design. Dennis can assist you in preparing or obtaining the professional illustrations, plans or designs necessary to patent and protect your invention.

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